Scots are responsible for many inventions, some might say almost all of them in fact, but of all the great things to have come out of Scotland, here are my top 5:

5. All the useful stuff that the world uses every day - television, refridgerators, penicillin, bicycles, the Bank of England, gin & tonic, chicken tikka masalla, telephones, logarithms, the decimal point, hypodermic syringes, flushing toilets etc etc etc

4. Whisky - need I say more? 

3. Sean Connery - Big Tam is more his own invention but if there was a poll in Scotland he would be King (I photographed him once and thought I'd blown it because I was all tearful with emotion - delighted to discover this shot on my camera)

2. Light - not quite invented by James Clerk Maxwell but he devised the equations for electromagnetism and discovered that light was an electromagnetic wave (I did this at university but sadly remember very little about it).  He was held in the highest regard by Einstein, no slouch at the theoretical himself

1. The Tunnocks Tea Cake - three bites of perfection from Uddingston, Scotland's major contribution to world food culture and the taste of my childhood