Any kind of normal life in these viral times can be difficult & tiresome but with some extra time on my hands I’ve had a chance to improve my post-production skills, which now includes the use of new anthropic software for portraits. 

Portrait Professional automatically recognises facial features in photographs and these can be manipulated using sliders. It can subtly change face shape, even up eyes, smooth skin, soften signs of wear & tear, change eye & hair colour, plump lips, whiten teeth and so much more.

Portraits can be relit in virtual lighting so that even shots taken in daylight can be made to look as if they were done in a studio.

Make-up can be applied convincingly, backgrounds can be easily replaced and hair can be given more volume, tidied & recoloured.

Most impressively, expressions can be changed to be more thoughtful & serious or simply to produce a bigger smile.

This is way beyond Photoshop and if you don’t believe in magic it may almost be enough to convince you…

By way of example, I’ve borrowed a few Martin Schoeller’s striking series of ‘honest’ portraits of some very well-known people and made some alterations, from the subtle to the ridiculous, in order to demonstrate just a little of what’s possible (his original on the left, my altered version on the right, just in case there was any doubt).

The shot on the bottom is one of my own, altered with a little more restraint.

Martin Schoeller’s website is and there’s a very interesting CNN article & video on his work here

The majority of my clients are working from home at the moment so photography isn’t necessarily a priority or indeed particularly practical, so in lieu of new portraits I’ll be happy to ‘refresh’ existing photographs free of charge.

Send me your (preferably high resolution) image with some instruction on how you’d like it changed and I’ll return you the altered version with my compliments.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this page.