Where to, Guv?

"Are you talking to me?'

Years ago I found myself potentially sucked into the whole 'car-as-status-symbol' mindset

When I thought about what I wanted from a car, it wasn't a Lexus badge but more something reliable, safe, theft-proof & fun

That narrowed it down to a Land Rover or a black cab, and living in London it had to be the cab

I love them and I'm now on my third cab  - you can pretty much park anywhere, it carries all my kit in the boot, nobody is going to steal it, it's honorary admittance to the cab-driving fraternity so they let you out of side turnings and of course it has the legally required turning circle of 25' (in order to accommodate the roundabout at the entrance to the Savoy Hotel)

Also, my wife just loves being driven around in her very own personal taxi

I did have a part as a cab driver in a movie called The Plan - being Scottish and channelling Robert De Niro, I played Travis McBickle