22nd April 2007

'Is it safe?'

I'm no runner and it was as much a surprise to me as everyone else that I did this

Like many bright ideas, this one came as a result of a discussion in the pub: my friend Caroline said we should enter, I said we shouldn't; she said I couldn't do it, I said I could if I wanted to; no you couldn't, yes I could, I just don't want to; I don't believe you, I'll show you!

Basically an exercise in bloody-mindedness but managed to raise a fair bit of money for charity (as well as losing a couple of stone) on the absolute, hand-on-heart guarantee that if you sponsored me for this I'd never ask again

A girlfriend saw my medal which has 'London Marathon' and '27th' on one side, for the 27th London Marathon. She thought I'd come 27th; out to impress I said yes, it was just me and a bunch of Ethiopian blokes....

4h 58m 44s, thanks for asking