New alliances for 2020

Two strategic alliances for 2020; first, from here on I'm teaming up on jobs with my colleague Damian Prestidge. Damian is one of the best photographers I know, a great friend and the very definition of unbounded enthusiasm. We use the same equipment, have similar clients and work in the same style; Damian helped me out on a few large-scale jobs recently and was invaluable - we discovered that we love working together, the shoot goes better and the client has a better experience.

As a result of that we've invested in new lighting equipment by Godox, from the magnificent V860 MkII speedlites, through the mid-power AD200s, to the mighty AD600 Pros which run on mains or battery power. Everything can be radio-controlled from the camera using the XPro transmitter which makes lighting more reliable, consistent, versatile & rapid, which is good for everyone. We can now produce full studio lighting on location and as we have 12 flashes between us there's almost nothing that we can't light creatively in short order.