Invesco portraits

Asked to shoot portraits of key staff over two days for Invesco, the global investment management giant, this was an opportunity to employ a new working practice my collaborator Damian & I have adopted. I shoot a set of portraits in various poses and load small versions of the files onto the laptop, which takes just a few seconds; we sit down with our subject, run through the shots on the big screen & quickly flag ones that they like - this guides my edit of the hi res files & ensures that the final set is tailored to their preferences (it also means that if there's a problem - tie askew, hair not right, wrong smile - we can shoot more pictures immediately).  This collaborative process has had amazing feedback from clients - people just love the instant assurance that they look great & the control it allows them over their own image (no more 'Trust me, I'm a photographer') and the whole process takes only 20 minutes - as I always say, "If you look good, we look good'.